Donated Computers Create Thriving Internet Cafe in Lome

As we are gearing up to launch our second Deki Tenner Tournament in November, we have received some fantastic news about the positive impact the UWE-Deki partnership is having. In April this year we shipped off 84 computers, as well some desks and chairs (all donated by UWE) to our field partner CODA in Togo. The project was aimed at setting up internet cafes to provide internet access to local community groups, such as a local orphanages and the general public. It also gives Deki entrepreneurs internet access, meaning they can capitalise on internet resources to help support their businesses.

CODA have updated us to say that they have opened the first CODA Internet Cafe, which has a good internet connection with the first 22 computers set up. The Internet cafes will run as profit-making businesses and will be self-sustainable. The team at CODA send their thanks to Deki and UWE for making this possible.

CODA’s mission is to help small businesses and communities find solutions to their own economic, social and cultural development in a sustainable way. The management team also works on vital local services including an orphanage, a school and a hospital.