Deki reaches £350,000 Mark in Microloans

Deki reaches £350,000 Mark in Mircroloans

Last week we celebrated reaching the £350,000 mark in microloans since Deki started five years ago. A huge thank you to everyone who has ever lent with Deki – together we have supported over 1,700 entrepreneurs in developing countries. If you take into account that on average each loan affects the lives of five people we have already helped nearly 9,000 people in the developing world significantly improve their lives.

A Deki lender Nick from Nottingham who lent £10 to a Ghanaian farmer on Monday rounded the Deki loan total up to £350,000. He was surprised to hear that he had made the historic loan and of his winning of £350 to invest into further lending. He has been a Deki lender since 2011 and he first read about Deki in a microfinance article.

He lent to Alphansus Gbanggbil, a farmer in Ghana and chose to support him because he has a large family of nine children.

As of today Nick has already invested his £350 winnings into additional loans.

Thank you again everyone who has ever lent through Deki – you’re all part of the Deki story.

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