Tululla's Bold Choice To Fundraise For Deki

Tululla's Bold Choice to Fundraise for Deki

Tululla Harris aged 11 from Sefton Park School, Bristol, challenged herself to change lives by shaving her head! Tululla raised an amazing £341.60 and we had the pleasure of interviewing her about her decision to fundraise for Deki. 

Deki Fundraising

Shaving your head is a brave thing to do! When did you first decide that you wanted to do this?

A few years ago I saw a girl with a shaved head and I remember thinking how cool she looked so around a month and a half ago I decided that I wanted to shave my head too.  Also, it was a great opportunity to raise money for Deki.

Why did you want to do this for Deki?

My school has already raised over £2,000 for Deki and I think doing the tenner tournament made me realise what an amazing charity Deki is.

Why do you think supporting people in the developing world is important?

I often think that it’s unfair, how I don’t really have to work hard (apart from school) and I get so many things, when there are people in the world who work hard all day and still struggle to support their family.

How much did you raise and was it easy to get people to sponsor you?

I raised around £350.  It was relatively easy to get people to sponsor me as they thought it was a brave thing to do, though some didn’t really understand why I was doing it.

What’s it like having really short hair now?

Sometimes it gets a bit cold but as summer is coming it is warming up.  Everyone says I look like Sinead O’Connor, even though I don’t know who that is!  I think people like my hair now and say that it really suits me.

Wow – are you inspired by Tululla to challenge yourself to change lives? If you’re up for the challenge and love Deki then email us at deki@deki.org.uk for your free fundraising pack or just to chat about what you would like to do, we love to help.