Meet Our Half Million Milestone Winner

Meet Our Half Million Milestone Winner

When did you first hear about Deki and how long have you been a lender?

I first came across Deki in about 2010, when I was living and working in Wiltshire. As a Bristol-based Georgie Agass piccharity, it had featured in a local paper, and I found it really intriguing. I looked up some of the stories of the entrepreneurs and was completely captivated straight away! I couldn’t believe that for the price of a posh coffee and a sandwich, I could really help out someone who really needed it.

Why do you love lending?

I think it’s the fact that I can see exactly how the money I put in to Deki is going to be used. It also helps me keep a strong sense of proportion about what’s really important in life. When I see friends and colleagues fretting over the latest jeans or haircut, which cost them £150 or such, it’s good to see how much difference a £300 loan to an individual in very difference circumstances can make. I think also, even when I was made redundant and didn’t have much money to spare, I could still make a difference by re-lending the money which had been paid back to me. It made me realise that change needs funding and willing – just one on their own can help, but the two together can make a formidable power for change.

Who are your favourite entrepreneurs to lend to?

Perhaps because I’m a solo parent, I tend to identify with the entrepreneurs who are raising children single-handedly, and especially when I read about people who have taken on caring responsibility for orphaned nieces, nephews or grandchildren, it makes me realise how fortunate I am to have family around and good health. I also tend to scroll through to the pages where you see profiles of new entrepreneurs who still have their full target to reach – even if I can only lend £10 or £20, it makes me feel good to see that I’m helping someone get off the mark, and I hope that my loan will spark others to do the same. But it’s often difficult to choose, because there are so many people I would love to be able to help, which is one of the reasons I gave Deki gift vouchers to friends at Christmas – I’m hoping they will loan that money, and add some of their own!

How would you describe Deki to those that don’t know about us?

Absolutely life-changing, and hopefully the start of a major movement of micro-loaning which could really transform overseas development. It’s almost a bit like a dating site, where you can create a one-to-one link with individuals who need short-term help for business development. And the monthly repayments make you realise how much impact the loans you make are having.

What does it feel like knowing your loan to Asunum pushed us over the Half Million Milestone?

I was gobsmacked! I felt very proud, and also reminded how fortunate I am, that i have the privilege of making these loans. I’m also really pleased for Deki – I think it’s a tremendous organisation, and reaching Half Million Milestone in loans is a superb achievement, given how many individuals and families it will have helped, so I’m really pleased that Deki is going from strength to strength, and that the passion and energy of your team and volunteers is proving so successful.

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