Deki and Friska Partnership Kicks Off International Womens Day

Deki and Friska Partnership Kicks Off International Womens Day

We’re delighted to announce our first business partnership with Bristol-based food company Friska, starting today – marking International Women’s Day. Friska is all about fresh and delicious food inspired from countries around the world made using great quality, ethically sourced ingredients.

What’s the partnership about?

Each month Friska will fund a loan for a chosen Deki entrepreneur with a monthly Deki Dish – the sales of which a percentage goes into the pot to fund the loan. All four Bristol stores take part – so pop into any of the Friskas to have a bite to eat and know that you’re helping someone in the developing world to make a start at the same time.
Basically, eat great food while doing something good.

How can I take part?

If you live in Bristol, check our partnership page each month to see what the Deki Dish of the month is and whose loan gets funded, and then pop into Friska for lunch or a snack. We will also have collection boxes in the stores to help to fund the loan. All funds go to the entrepreneur and once paid back, to the Friska pot for relending. All loans will be visible on the Friska Team page – so you can keep track of how many people are getting funded through the partnership.

If you’re not in Bristol you can still take part – to support the idea you can join the Friska Team and assign your loans to the team. Your money will always be yours, it’s just the team that will flourish with lots of support, celebrating ethical food and microfinance.