About Deki

With Deki you can make small, ethical, life-changing loans to those in remote and marginalised communities. Helping them create their own, successful business and work their way out of poverty. 100% of your loan will go to your chosen entrepreneur and you can lend as little as £10.

Deki works with Field Partners in Ghana, Togo and Uganda helping to provide small scale loans to traditionally ‘un-bankable’ entrepreneurs who would otherwise lack access to financial resources. The training and support they offer gives your entrepreneurs the skills to make the most out of their loan, and break the cycle of poverty.

Deki loans are generated through our innovative peer-to-peer lending website; 100% of the money goes to the entrepreneur with no fees or interest charged by Deki. As loans are repaid by successful entrepreneurs, UK-lenders then reinvest in the same or other individuals. Fundraising for operational  costs is essential in maintaining the 100% model.

Deki’s Vision and Mission

Vision A world full of opportunity not poverty

Mission Empowering people in the developing world to work their way out of poverty

Deki's Values

  • Empowerment: We empower everyone involved with Deki. We empower our entrepreneurs to work their way out of poverty and our supporters and our team to change lives.

  • Accountability: We take personal responsibility for using resources efficiently to achieve measurable results. We are accountable to both our supporters and to the people we support.

  • Positivity: We believe that we can achieve a better future. We set ourselves high goals and are committed to improving everything we do.

  • Innovation: We will continue to take advantage of the link between technology and the global economy to ensure our impact is as effective and far-reaching as possible.

  • Transparency: We want to set ourselves apart from other charities, we want our lenders to always know exactly where 100% of their money goes.

Deki's Purpose

To provide very small microloans that otherwise wouldn’t be available from other microfinance charities and organisations

To ensure good quality social and business training is guaranteed with every loan

To help grow businesses so that our entrepreneurs are thriving, not just surviving

To work towards a more sustainable world by encouraging entrepreneurs to create green and ethical livelihoods

Break the cycle of poverty for entire communities, however remotely they are situated, for generations to come

With Deki you can make small, ethical, life-changing loans to those in remote and forgotten communities. 100% of your loan will go to your chosen entrepreneur. Lend now for as little as £10.